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Business Resources & Tools for the Independent Musician

What are the best online music business tools, companies, and services to help you grow your music career? (Who knows?!) It’s hard to find out because:

  1. When you do a Google search you only get a handful of results
  2. Reviews are helpful, but there are so many companies (and new ones seem to appear every day!) that keeping track of all of them takes waaaay too much time

But Don’t Worry!

Finding and making sense of all of these opportunities is the reason independent IQ was created!*

Here you will find:

  • Lists of all the companies that I could find to help you build your independent music career**
  • Links to relevant reviews and articles to help you make an informed decision
  • Polls in each category to find out from you and your peers what companies are best***

Follow the link below to find online tools to help you distribute your new song or album online. (I’m still building out the site; there’s a lot more to come…please stay tuned!)

Please Help Me Make This Resource Better!

  1. If you notice that a category of tools/websites/etc. is not mentioned, please leave a comment below and I’ll work on adding it asap
  2. If you have an opinion (good or bad) regarding a particular tool, please comment and tell me what you love/hate about it
  3. If you have had experience with any of the companies mentioned, please vote in the poll at the end of each page****
  4. Sign up for the newsletter so I can keep you informed of powerful new tools and services to help you build your career!

* I cannot, of course, personally vouch for all of these companies (there are some that I trust, but most of them I do not have personal experience with)!

** These pages are updated regularly, so you know that you’re getting the latest and best information!

*** Polls can be useful, but they can, of course, be gamed. By requiring a login, I have tried to make it more difficult to game results.

**** Polls will be updated every January, at which time I will tally the results, publish a summary, and create a new poll, adding new contenders to the poll, etc. and the process will begin again.



Direct Digital Music Distribution Companies

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