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POLL: What’s your favorite direct digital music distribution company?


The above links to lists of most major digital music distribution platforms (I will be updating these lists, so if there are companies that I have missed, please post them in the comments (thanks!)) Every company offers a different set of features, and has their own method of charging the artist, which makes it difficult to properly compare them. So how to decide?

  1. Before deciding on which company to go with, you’ll want to look at how much a service is going to cost you in the long run – if you do not have to pay an upfront fee, there will be fees that you will have to eventually pay. As with all aspects of your business, you should calculate what any given service is going to cost you 5-10 years down the line and choose accordingly. Moving a catalog of music from one company to another is not impossible, but it’s not fun and will definitely be a headache; it’s better to get it right the first time!
  2. Due diligence, Part 1 – Look for reviews of the company that you’re interested in. There are almost always people that don’t like certain companies (I found haters for even the most well-regarded of these companies!), but some companies get consistently bad reviews, comments, and press. I have linked to as many good review and comparison articles as I could find, but I know that there are more out there. I highly recommend that you read the articles and reviews that I have compiled (seriously, some of them are great!) Also, if you find some good resources that you found helpful, please post them in the comments and I’ll integrate them into this page (thanks, again!)
  3. Due diligence, Part 2 – Before signing on with any company, make sure that you understand their terms! If you don’t understand something, ask the company for clarification. If they aren’t forthcoming with an answer, you may want to stay away – there are many other companies on the list to choose from.




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What’s Your Favorite Direct Digital Music Distribution Company?


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