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Standalone Digital Music Stores

These companies provide tools to help you sell music from your website (and other places online – social media, etc.), as well as on their website.

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What’s Your Favorite Direct Digital Music Distribution Company?

“Discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it.”

“People-powered distribution. We’re a network of filmmakers, artists and fans dedicated to sharing and supporting original voices. The idea behind Bundle is simple: the best way for people to connect is directly: over the movies, music and stories they love. There’s a different business model for every single piece of content on the web, so Bundle was built to be flexible. Use Bundle to share work in exchange for an email address to build your subscriber base. Or, use Bundle to sell your work directly to fans, at a price you set. You keep 90% of all sales revenue, and 100% of all your fan data. Sound good?”
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“Creators Will Make 90% of Sales on BitTorrent Bundles Paygates”

“E-junkie is a centrally-managed, copy-paste shopping cart and digital delivery service to sell anything, anywhere, easily. E-junkie provides you with Shopping Cart and Buy Now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, eBay, MySpace, Google Shopping, Craigslist and other websites.”

Fetch App
“Simply put, FetchApp allows you to sell and digitally deliver downloadable goods. We seamlessly integrate with popular payment systems like Shopify, WordPress, Bigcommerce, Goodsie, PayPal and many others.”

“Create a product quickly and easily in your customizable storefront. Build buzz with pre-orders or offer a subscription to your series. Easily share your music on social networks, blogs, emails, and your site. From tweets to mailing lists, your buy button can be everywhere.”

“Find the music you love. Discover new tracks. Connect directly with your favorite artists.”

TopSpin Platform
“The direct-to-fan sales and marketing platform chosen by creative professionals who want to promote and sell films, albums, merch, tickets & more.”



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What’s Your Favorite Direct Digital Music Distribution Company?

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