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Patreon Guide

As I scoured the internet for information on Patreon, I realized that something was missing: except for the documentation on the Patreon site, I couldn’t find a substantial resource dedicated to this amazing new platform. I knew that I would have to put together the mother-of-all Patreon guides…the following is just the beginning. I hope that you find this Patreon crash course helpful!


What is Patreon? Part 1

What is Patreon? Part 2

How to Get Started on Patreon

How to Make a Patreon Video

The Patreon Pitch & Description

How to Set Up Patreon Milestone Goals

Rewards for Patreon Patrons

The Patreon Thank You Message & Video

Examples of Great Patreon Pages

The Patreon Activity Post & Creation Post

Patreon Tips & Tricks

Do you have suggestions for other parts that I should add to the guide? Ways I can make it better?

Please comment below!

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