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How to Get Started on Patreon

Signing Up For Patreon

Once you have created a login (either using your Facebook account or email/password), click on the blue, “Get started” button at the top of the page (if you don’t click on this button, your account will simply remain a patron account).

The first part of account setup happens over four pages. Let’s look at each one in detail…

Page One: Who you are/Start here

Who are you?

This is the name by which you are known by your fans.

What are you creating?

You can put whatever you’d like here. If you produce multiple things under the same name, you can put them all here.

What are you getting paid for?

If you would like to be paid per/thing, then put whatever that thing is in this box (if it’s one of a variety of things, you could just put “thing”). If, on the other hand, you’d like to get paid per month, click the box next to “monthly campaign.”

How should you charge? Per/thing? Per/month? Your decision will depend, largely, on how frequently you create things. A helpful question to ask yourself is: at any given reward tier, how much do you expect your patrons to contribute? For example, if you produce a daily web comic, asking patrons to contribute $1/piece is probably unreasonable (that would be $30-or-so/month). A per/month model may make more sense for you. That said, patrons can put a monthly cap on their spending (and you should make sure they know this, and encourage them to do so if they are concerned about it – if they have not put a monthly cap, and you are really productive one month, you may find that you’ve upset some of your patrons by charging them more than they’d expected!)

Things to consider:

  • If you are charging per/month, remember that your fans will be expecting output on a regular basis
  • If you produce at a slower pace, or don’t want the pressure to produce, you’ll be better off going with a per/piece model
  • If you charge per/piece and you are really productive one month, you may want to warn patrons in advance

While your Patreon page is an experiment, and there are changes that you’ll likely need to make, having to explain to your fans why you’re changing your pricing structure could be a PR problem. If you can’t decide, the safer course is to go with per/piece and see how that works for you.

Choose the category that best fits your work

This is where you’ll choose the best category for your work. If you produce a variety of things, you’ll have to decide what it is that you’re best known for and choose that category. For many creators, a good way to decide which category to go with is to look at what social network they are most popular on: if it’s SoundCloud, then Music, if it’s YouTube, then Video & Film.

Also, if you produce enough work in a variety of media, then you may want to open a second Patreon account to highlight your other work. Jack Conte has said that they are working on channels, so that one Patreon account could have multiple pages for different media, but that is not yet possible. Once that becomes available, they said that they will provide an easy way to combine multiple Patreon accounts into one.

Upload a cover photo for your page

This image will appear along the top of your page (dimensions should be as close to 1600 x 400 pixels as possible). Especially if you are a visual artist, this is a great place to showcase some of your best work (and you can update it to keep your page looking fresh).

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Questions? Thoughts? Please comment below!

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