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How to Make a Patreon Video

Page Two: Your Patreon page/Describe what you’re doing (Part 1)

Your video

There are two main things that should be in your video: one is your pitch (for more on the pitch, see the next section: The Patreon Pitch & Description) and the other is your personality and/or creativity. Unless you can make it really engaging, you’re going to want to keep it between one and two minutes in length (there are definitely successful Patreon videos that are longer, but if you have to err in one direction or the other, it’s better to err on the short side).

You may also want to create a video screen capture showing how the process of becoming a patron on Patreon works (you could play the video while you explain each part of the process). If you don’t want to create your own screen capture video, you can use the one that Patreon created (find it here: www.Patreon.com/toolbox/media).

Do you have to make an intro video? Technically, no, and there are successful Patreon campaigns that do not include an intro video. It is highly recommended, however!


Ready to learn about the Patreon Pitch & Description?

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