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How to Set Up Patreon Milestone Goals

Page Three: Your goals/Set up funding milestones

Goals are optional and allow you to do something extra at certain funding milestones. If they’re set up the right way, goals can add a great deal of fan support/interaction to your Patreon campaign.


Put in the amount needed to reach the goal, what you’re going to call the goal, and a description of the goal. If you have more than one goal, click on the “+Add Another Goal” button.

How should you set up your Patreon milestone goals?

Goals can relate directly to the work that you do and that improve your ability to create and fulfill the rewards that you are offering to your patrons, they can be directly related to your personal life, or they can be focused on a reward that you offer to all of your fans.

Goals should:

  • Be clearly and concisely explained
  • Be attainable within a reasonable amount of time (this way you can cross the goal off of your list and create a new goal). This is particularly important at the beginning – being able to work towards an attainable goal inspires fans. You can add bigger goals later on.

Goals that are directly related to your work could be:

  • Purchase of new equipment
  • Hiring of someone to help with your work
  • Rental of a studio

Goals that are directly related to your life could be:

  • Paying for rent or a mortgage
  • Paying for school debt
  • Paying for health insurance

Goals that are directly (or closely) related to your fans could be:

  • Release of a new video (or song, comic, whatever) once the goal has been reached
  • A webcast concert (or Q&A, or live-drawing session, etc.)
  • A portion of proceeds will go to charity
  • Removal of advertising

Some people find it surprising that fans find goals that are directly related to your personal life compelling, but experience has shown that this is the case. Why? Because some fans become patrons for the rewards and other fans become patrons because they just want to help you out. Many fans care about the practical concerns of your life. Are you having trouble paying rent? Are you about to become a father or mother? Are you raising a child on your own? If you let your fans know about your struggles, they will often respond in positive ways. What this means is that a goal such as covering rent, or paying for health insurance, is completely legitimate.

Before deciding on a milestone goal, make sure that you appreciate the possible effects it could have on your relationship with your fans, as well as on your bottom line. Being transparent is helpful in building rapport and trust with fans, but there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and these lines are often difficult to discern. Also, while removing advertising may seem like a good goal, make sure that you aren’t going to miss the income in the long run. Although you can always change your mind, you need to be very careful to honor the trust of your fans.

Ask for Suggestions

Another way to go about this is to ask your fans to vote on what your next goal should be. Ask them for suggestions and/or make a number of suggestions. You could, for example, let them know what it would take to cover your rent, to pay off your school debt, whatever, and ask them what should be your next goal. If you don’t know which of the three types of goals will work best with your fans, you may want to test one of each type out; you won’t know unless you test.

Give Thanks!

Once you have achieved one of your goals, let your fans know! You may want to celebrate in a public way, or simply find some way to thank your patrons. Then, do what you said you were going to do with the money and let your fans know what a big difference the assistance has made. If you don’t have another goal set up, figure out what the next goal is going to be, set it up, and let your fans know that there is still work to be done!

Ready for more? Next, learn about setting up rewards for your patrons!

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