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The Patreon Activity Post & Creation Post

As a creator on Patreon, you can use two basic types of posts in your post feed: the activity post and the creation post.

The Activity Post

The Activity post is how you’ll send private or public messages to your patrons. If one of your rewards is access to the feed, you’ll definitely want to make some of your activity private, accessible to only your fans. That said, you’ll also want to make some activity available to anyone that comes to your page, that way you will be able to give potential patrons a sense of what they’re missing and what they can expect if they become patrons.

Use activity posts:

  • To respond to fan questions and comments, and generally to build rapport with your fans
  • To solicit input from your fans
  • To keep fans informed about the state of your projects, etc.

The Creation Post

The creation post is how you’ll post new pieces for your patrons. If you charge per/piece, each time you post, your patrons will be charged at their pledge level (if you make it a paid post). If you charge per/month, no charge will take place until the monthly charge happens. You can also release certain pieces for only certain pledge levels, if that’s how you have set your rewards structure up.

From the perspective of what you can do on Patreon to increase your chances of success, regularly posting activity updates and creations is one of the most important things that you can do. While some (many? most?) of your fans may not care about how often you post/release, there are those who will care, and frequent posts may help those on the fence to commit. Frequent creation is generally a good idea (as long as the content is high quality), and the connection with your fans that Patreon provides is a great way to get inspired to be more productive. Also, it appears that Patreon favors creators that are active on their site (which makes sense!), so the more interaction you have with your patrons, the more likely it is that you will get added visibility for your page.


  • If you are charging per/piece, before you post you’ll have the option to either charge your patrons, or to make it a free release
  • You can edit posts after they are live, but if you make it go free initially, you won’t be able to change it to a paid release
  • You can make posts private, but again (depending on your overall strategy) you’ll want to keep a good deal of your posts public so that potential patrons can see what you are working on
  • The size limit on attachments in 100MB, but you can upload as many attachments as you’d like
  • If possible, you should include an image with your posts, as this image will be included in the search results page of the Patreon search engine. If you don’t include an image, Patreon will use a stock image (not very compelling!)

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