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The Patreon Pitch & Description

Page Two: Your Patreon page/Describe what you’re doing (Part 2)

Tell your patrons why they should pledge to you

The Pitch

The pitch is the case that you make to your fans; it’s where you introduce them to Patreon and to the idea of patronage. One could argue that who you are and what you create is as much a part of your pitch as the actual pitch (as it appears on Patreon). Who you are and what you create will play a huge role in how you go about making the formal pitch on your Patreon page.

Whatever you decide your approach is going to be regarding the details of your page (will you continue to give away a great deal of content? Are you putting most things behind a paywall? How often will you release creations?), you need to make sure that you are as clear as possible and that you explain to your fans the reasons that you’re doing what you’re doing. Also, keeping things as short and simple is important – most people don’t have time to listen to long pitches, so keep it short and sweet.

So…what should be the elements of your pitch?

  • Begin with a brief explanation of how Patreon works (eventually, you’ll want to re-work your pitch (once Patreon and patronage has become as well-known as crowd funding and Kickstarter) as you’ll be able to cut this section out). In particular, explain that you’re asking your fans to support you per/creation (or per/month, if that’s how you run your page).
  • If you are asking for support on a per/creation basis, let your fans know how often you plan to release pieces and give them some idea of what their per/month cost will be.
  • Make sure to let your fans know that they can set a monthly maximum
  • Let your fans know about the rewards that you are offering
  • Lastly, make a final appeal by explaining your vision for the future of your work, for your Patreon page, etc. Explain where you are currently as a creator and where you want to be in a year (or two). Tell a good story and people will be hooked. You want to convince them to come on the journey with you.

The Description

There is a diversity of opinion as to how long your Description should be. Some argue that it should be short and that most of your pitch should appear in your video. Others argue that, while including the pitch, a good portion of the video should be focused on revealing who you are as a person and as a creator. In this line of thinking, the Description is the place where you could include more details of your pitch.

Both ways can work. In any case, the Description is a great place to get more personal with your fans and to go into greater depth as to what being a patron means.

Here are some of the things that you’ll want to consider for your Description:

  • Include a direct version of your pitch written as a personal note to fans (do not write in third person!)
  • One question that you’ll want to answer before writing the Description: how familiar with your work are visitors to your Patreon page? If they are mainly your super fans, then the Description can be very personal. If you plan to get traffic from many people who do not already know your work, you may want to shape your Description accordingly.
  • You may want to include a note that, regardless of what fans give, you will continue to produce your art and to give a great deal of it away for free (if this is, in fact, what you plan to do)
  • You may want to include what you are planning to release, why you are planning to release in this way, and/or how often you plan to release
  • You can also embed things into this space: SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc. links
  • In your Description, and throughout your page setup (rewards, milestone goals, etc.), try to be realistic in setting up expectations. The way to do this is to base your output on your current output – how often do you release content? A good rule of thumb is to try to under promise and to over deliver.

Do you want to see what this looks like? I think Nataly Dawn did a great job with her Patreon page…you can check it out here. If you’d like even more inspiration, here are some other accounts to look at.

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Questions? Thoughts? Please comment below!

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